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ABM Tactics
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Intelligence On Target Accounts
With Tactics To Engage Them

Our 1:1 tactical plans give you everything your revenue team needs to succeed


We gather actionable intelligence on your target accounts and distil this into tactics that capture your prospect’s attention with a clear step by step plan.

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Our plans provide intelligent tactic suggestions covering everything from content for campaigns to direct mail and introductions from intermediaries.


We evaluate your sales and marketing capabilities and ensure our plans can be executed by your internal teams.


We provide training for sales and marketing alignment, account based experience programs as well as specialist technical support.


Mi5 utilises over 240 data points including firmographic, technographic, profile and personality data to predict the most successful tactics for each individual in your target buying committee.

That Drives Revenue

Align your sales and marketing teams around target accounts.

Revenue leaders often struggle with aligning efforts between sales, marketing and service teams, with stakeholders unsure what a cohesive action plan to go after target companies should look like.  


We remove the guesswork of what to do, when, by whom and why, allowing you to run highly personalised 1:1 campaigns at scale with your sales and marketing teams acting in lock-step.


Our campaign plans include:

how it works

Enable Sales & Marketing Teams
Win New Accounts Consistently

With ready-to-execute account plans



We work with you to understand your ideal client profile, your product-market fit, USPs, the personas of your buying committee as well as your tactical capabilities in sales and marketing.



Companies are prioritised and submitted to Mi5 via your client portal. We can also work with you to build a framework for prioritisation based on intent data and other scoring factors.



Mi5 thoroughly researches the target account and delivers a detailed intelligence dossier and step by step action-plan which is outlined in an optional debriefing call.



We provide training to improve sales and marketing tactical capability and technical support with regular performance reviews to shorten your sales cycle.

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Transparent Pricing
With Measurable ROI

Invest in the success of your revenue team



£ 1445 / Account
  • Account Maps
  • Account Intelligence
  • Decision Maker Identification
  • 10x Contacts Profiled
  • Tactical Plan
  • Content Intelligence
  • Sales Battlecards
  • Onboarding



£ 3995 / Account
  • Enhanced Research
  • Targeted Surveys
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Messaging Support
  • Departmental Tactics
  • Analyst Summary



£ Enquire
  • Ad Management
  • Copy & Content Writing
  • Creative Design
  • Content Distribution
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Tactic Execution
  • Reporting
  • Sales Messaging
  • Sales Outreach
Privacy First

We Take Privacy Seriously
CCPA & GDPR Compliant

The information we provide complies with American and European privacy legislation.

Our intelligence gathering activity adheres to all applicable laws as well as a strict code of ethical conduct that governs our data sources. We provide an audit trail so you can have complete confidence in every tactical suggestion and data point supplied.  

How we can Help

The Support You Need
To Help You Scale

Win your high priority accounts with Mi5

Intel Dossiers

Curated, actionable intelligence dossiers with only the most relevant information for your campaign.

Tactical Plans

Step by step account plans based on your intel dossier that outlines marketing and sales actions to win accounts.

Content Strategy

Intel-powered content and ad creative plans to capture the attention of and influence your prospects.

Outreach Design

Sales outreach messaging enhanced by the intelligence gathered on your target companies. 

ABX Training

Bespoke training to meet the needs of your revenue functions to make them best in class and more capable.

Executional Support

We support select clients with tactical execution from copy, content and creative design to gifting, campaign management and analytics support.

ABX Consultancy

Our experts are available to help you make decisions, plan your GTM strategy and implement new technology and processes.

Enhanced Research

Managed intel outreach campaigns to engage, interview and survey stakeholders at target organisations.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

can you work with our ABM team?

We work best with teams that either already run 1:1 campaigns and want to run more or want to improve their effectiveness.

What does onboarding cover?

During onboarding we seek to understand your product market fit, your buying committee personas and motivations as well as your tactical sales and marketing capabilities.

how long does research take?

For our base intel dossier package research typically takes one to two weeks, however with the enhanced research including surveys and interviews this can take longer, up to four weeks depending on the size of the target account.

Why should i use your service?

Unlike other intelligence providers, we don't supply filler information. We only supply actionable intelligence that our analysts interpret to provide you with the exact actions to take to win business with your target account.

Can you support in execution?

We support select clients with managed services and also provide training to upskill and empower your teams.

Are we a good fit for your service?

We specialise in 1:1 account plans for companies that have long sale cycles, high value offerings and a well defined ICP and TAM. Campaigns we design for clients offer an average 55% closed-won rate.

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